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Issue: Volume 10 Number 2 - April 2017

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P45  Editorial Comment:  Comment by J Sandler

I’ve just returned having presented the 7th ‘Art meets Science’ course together with Kevin O’Brien, to 80 enthusiastic Dentists and Orthodontists in Manchester.   Read more


P46  Orthodontics:  The Aberrant Central Incisor by TK Mittal, NE Atack, JC Williams, JS Puryer, JR Sandy, TJ Ireland

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The maxillary permanent central incisor develops early in life and forms part of an aesthetic smile. Disruption of the formation or eruption of the permanent central incisor has multiple aetiological factors. Treatment options depend to some extent on the cause of failure of eruption of the central...  Read more

P52  Orthodontics:  Factors Associated with Discontinued and Abandoned Treatment in Primary Care Orthodontic Practice Part 2: A Practice-Based Study by NI McDougall, J McDonald, A Sherriff

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Discontinued and abandoned cases are an undesirable outcome of orthodontic treatment. Several patient and treatment variables have been identified as being associated with this treatment risk. The second paper of this two part series will describe a study that attempts to identify specific factors...  Read more

P61  Orthodontics:  Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis – Implications on Facial Growth and Contemporary Management by S Abela, K Armon, D Tewson, S Prince, D Bister

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The aim of the present study was to describe a case with juvenile idiopathic arthritis (JIA) with bilateral temporomandibular joint (TMJ) involvement and long-term facial growth implications, requiring complex surgical treatment and multidisciplinary teams.   Read more

P70  Orthodontics:  Case Report: The Importance of Careful Planning for Orthodontic Extractions by R Leck, U Johar, D Farr

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This case describes the root resorption of a maxillary first molar due to an impacted maxillary second premolar tooth. The impacted second premolar tooth was surgically removed leaving a compromised first molar tooth.   Read more

P73  Orthodontics:  Origin and Type of Articles Published in Four Mainstream Orthodontic Journals: A Five-Year Study by KL Tidbury, S Turner, A Ulhaq

The aim of this article was to establish the geographic origin and the proportion of full length and research articles in each of four journals over a five-year period: Angle Orthodontist (AO), American Journal of Orthodontics (AJODO), European Journal of Orthodontics (EJO) and Journal of...  Read more

P77  Tricks of the Trade:  Tricks of the Trade: Modified Boones Bracket Positioning Gauge by S Lodha, S Mehta, S Mohd Saad

Orthodontists strive for accurate bracket positioning because it makes achieving a superior occlusion easier. Poorly positioned brackets result in poorly positioned teeth and necessitate many more archwire adjustments.   Read more

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