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Issue: Volume 10 Number 1 - January 2017

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P5  Editorial Comment:  It’s official... the world has gone completely mad! by J Sandler

Starting in the summer when the Great British people spoke... and voted for Brexit. A devastating day for many of us who value enormously our links with our European friends and neighbours. This led me, and apparently tens of thousands of other eligible citizens, to apply for an Irish Passport to...  Read more


P6  Editorial Comment:  The ‘Uberization of Orthodontics’ – or how low can you go? by M Kelleher

The race to the bottom for the quickest, allegedly ‘great’ or bargain deal in orthodontics has reached a place that few would have thought possible even five years ago. The gradual ‘uberization’ of dentistry in general, but of orthodontics in particular, has produced a raft of new and largely...  Read more

P8  Orthodontics:  Factors Associated with Discontinued and Abandoned Treatment in Primary Care Orthodontic Practice Part 1 by NI McDougall, J McDonald, A Sherriff

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Discontinued and abandoned cases are an undesirable outcome of orthodontic treatment. The first of this 2-part series will detail the different factors that play a role in this phenomenon. The second paper will describe a study that attempts to identify specific factors that are implicated in...  Read more

P16  Orthodontics:  Assessment of Growth in Orthodontics by G Songra, TK Mittal, JC Williams, J Puryer, JR Sandy, AJ Ireland

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Being able to predict the likely timing and duration of growth accurately, in particular the pubertal growth spurt, is important in orthodontic treatment planning. The different assessments of growth, their advantages and disadvantages will be described.   Read more

P24  Orthodontics:  Orthodontic Management of Delayed Permanent Tooth Eruption and a Case Report of Hyper-IgE Syndrome by A Din, N Bhatti, PK Sharma

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This article aims to look at the treatment and management of patients presenting with delayed tooth eruption of the permanent dentition. We describe the case of a 17-year-old girl who presented having been diagnosed with Hyper-IgE syndrome. The patient was positive for the STAT-3 gene and presented...  Read more

P28  Orthodontics:  Tunnel Traction of Impacted Maxillary Canine – A Case Report by S Lodha, S Mehta, R Raval

This case report describes a surgical approach for the orthodontic treatment of deep infra-osseous impacted canines. This technique allows for orthodontic traction of the impacted tooth to the centre of the alveolar ridge, which results in a better periodontal outcome.   Read more

P32  Orthodontics:  A Retrospective Analysis of Orthognathic Treatment in a Hospital over Five Years by S Singh Nandhra, E Thickett, S Power

The orthognathic service in some areas of the UK have come under increased pressure due to financial constraints within the NHS. The authors felt it was timely to investigate the cost to the NHS of orthognathic treatment for patients at a District General Hospital (DGH).   Read more

P37  Tricks of the Trade:  Tricks of the Trade- Loop Making Made Easy by Simple Markings on the Wire – A Clinical Tip by R Singla, N Singla

In frictionless mechanics, the first step at the time of retraction of the anterior segment of teeth is to remove the previous wire from the patient’s mouth and replace it with a new wire with a loop on it which is activated progressively to close the space. There are two methods for the...  Read more

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