Article: Volume 7 Number 3 Page 78 - July 2014

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  Orth Update 2014; 7: 78-81

Orthodontics:  Role of the Ear Nose and Throat Specialist within the Multidisciplinary Cleft Team: CLP Series Part 11

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Abstract: A cleft involving the palate can have a significant impact on children in relation to their hearing and airway. A normally functioning ear is important for hearing and therefore speech production. Airway difficulties in children with a cleft may be divided into neonatal, post-operative and long-term and may necessitate both acute and long-term management. As a consequence the Ear Nose and Throat specialist plays an important role within the cleft multidisciplinary team.

Clinical relevance: Hearing problems in children and adults with a cleft may lead to difficulties in communication between patient and dental practitioner. The patients may also be undergoing long-term airway-related management that may impact on their regular attendance.

Author notes: David M Wynne, MB, ChB, MRCS(Glasg), FRCS (ORL-HNS), Royal Hospital for Sick Children, Yorkhill, Glasgow and Toby J Gillgrass, BDS, FDS(Ed), MDO, MSc, FDS(Orth), Consultant Orthodontist Cleft Lip and Palate, Hon Senior Clinical Lecturer, Glasgow University, Glasgow, UK.

Objective: To outline the role of the ENT specialist as part of the multidisciplinary CLP team.

Kavo Kerr