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Issue: Volume 10 Number 3 - July 2017

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P85  Editorial Comment:  Let’s hear it for the ASA! by J Sandler

Following a complaint by a registered specialist orthodontist, the Advertising Standards Agency investigated claims on a website run by GDC registrants, about the supposed ‘benefits’ of Damon braces.  Read more


P86  Orthodontics:  Managing the Transverse Dimension by CA Brierley, J Sandler

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The management of transverse discrepancies is one of the most challenging aspects of high quality orthodontic treatment. There are many different methods of managing the transverse dimension. We will outline the indications, advantages and disadvantages of these methods.  Read more

P96  Orthodontics:  The Aberrant Second Premolar by TK Mittal, NE Atack, JC Williams, JS Puryer, JR Sandy, AJ Ireland

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Second premolars are one of the last successional teeth to erupt in the maxillary and mandibular arches. Early loss of primary teeth or first permanent molars can lead to disrupted eruption of these teeth. This article gives an overview of the possible aetiology and treatment of the aberrant second...  Read more

P102  Orthodontics:  Open or Closed Exposure for Palatally Impacted Maxillary Canines? A Review by A Fadel Alkadhimi, K Ganesan, EA Al-Awadhi

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Palatally impacted canines (PICs) can be surgically exposed using one of the two exposure methods: open or closed. There is generally lack of consensus with regards to the preferred exposure method, hence the choice of operative technique remains open to discussion. The two techniques are compared...  Read more

P112  Orthodontics:  Treatment of a Class II Malocclusion Complicated by Digit-Sucking by I Shargill, P Woodhead, DO Morris

This article describes the management of a 12-year-old girl who presented with a Class II division 1 incisor relationship on a Class II skeletal base with an overjet of 10 mm and a thumb-sucking habit. This patient was treated with a modified Herbst appliance to correct the Class II skeletal...  Read more

P116  Tricks of the Trade:  Tricks of the Trade: Modified Transpalatal Arch for Space Maintenance in Post Distraction Cases by T Ajit Deshpande, RD Naik, H Kidiyoor, AK Patil

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Proper maintenance and utilization of space is an important criterion in orthodontics, especially in cases where space has been created by atypical methods.  Read more

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