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Orthodontic Update is a clinical title aimed at the high street orthodontist and general practitioners with a small orthodontic patient list. Whether a specialist, a GDP or a therapist, Orthodontic Update proves an invaluable resource.

Offering practical solutions to issues and challenges occurring within your practice on a daily basis, Orthodontic Update will keep you informed with innovative developments and techniques, ensuring that you remain up-to-date with clinically-relevant information that benefits you and your patients.

Orthodontic Update offers four peer-reviewed issues and provides 16 hours of verifiable CPD per year. A subscription to Orthodontic Update also provides access to an online archive of papers dating back to the journals launch.


Current Live Edition: Volume 10 Number 1 - January 2017

P5  Editorial Comment:  It’s official... the world has gone completely mad! by J Sandler

Starting in the summer when the Great British people spoke... and voted for Brexit. A devastating day for many of us who value enormously our links with our European friends and neighbours. This led me, and apparently tens of thousands of other eligible citizens, to apply for an Irish Passport to...